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Rev. Darrel Meyers

Rev. Darrel Meyers graduated from Pepperdine College and Princeton Theological Seminary. He actively served at eight Presbyterian churches and three college campuses in Southern California for 45 years. He participated in, and often chaired, committees relating to human rights, justice and peace, and issues regarding the climate crisis. In retirement he chaired the church and society committee of the Presbyterian Synod of Southern California and Hawaii (consisting of 200+ congregations). This group has a special focus on the future of our climates. He is a concerned citizen who works for the livable future of our planet.


Rev. Meyers was extensively engaged abroad. He worked with groups that were under threat of oppression in Berlin and East Germany. His work in the Middle East included 30 trips focusing on Palestine/ Israel for seminars, visiting local people, and attending international conferences. His most recent trip was to Bethlehem last December. 

He was involved in several UN-related assemblies concerning human rights in the Occupied Territories. These were held in Geneva, Vienna, Paris, Montreal, and New York. For 40 years he worked with an NGO, the Middle East Fellowship of Southern California, which he founded in 1969. He has also been actively involved with the Jerusalem-based Sabeel Liberation Theology movement. Last year was added to the Board of Directors of the broad-based Americans for Middle East Understanding. 

Darrel is very actively involved in human rights work locally and nationally, not only denominationally but also interdenominationally, as well as often interreligious groups with secular bodies. He enjoys various forms of music and movies, as well as being a longtime baseball fan. His three children and three granddaughters all live in Southern California. 

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