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Fred Krueger 

Frederick W. Krueger serves as the Executive Coordinator for the National Religious Coalition on Care (NRCCC). In this capacity he coordinates rainforest restoration in both Belize and Guatemala, articulates a religious ethic of forest conservation, and promotes programs to help inner city youth experience the outdoors.


Previously he was the founder and the first executive director of the North American Conference on Christianity and Ecology (NACCE). As the goals of that first Christian ecological effort were fulfilled, he became the executive director of the Christian Society of the GREEN Cross in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. 

By background, Krueger has served as a Serbo-Croatian linguist and Russian intelligence analyst for the National Security Agency, as apolitical campaign manager, as a magazine editor, lecturer, religious organizer, and trout fishing guide. He has authored over a dozen publications on religion and ecology. He lives with his wife and daughter in Santa Rosa, California. 

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