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Mission Statement

Many prominent scientists, including Pulitzer Prize winner E. O. Wilson have concluded that "... we are in the midst of one of the great extinction spasms of geological history."  If current trends continue, great harm will be done to humanity and to the Earth's ecosystem. This threat to the future of humanity is principally due to two factors:

  • Climate Change

  • Destruction of Tropical Rain Forest  

The mission of the Earth Restoration Team (ERT) is to work toward finding a plan that resolves both of these crises, while simultaneously improving our quality of life. This will be done through a combination of analysis and education.

ERT’s analytical activities will focus on:

  • understanding how the past impacts the current crises

  • estimating the impacts of these crises on our way of life

  • determining plans of action that resolve these crises, while simultaneously  improving our quality of life

The analysis will be based on information contained in the scientific literature, conferences, and personal interactions with other investigators.  The interaction of the key variables that affect humanity and the Earth's ecosystem will be modeled on computers. This will allow for both a coherent understanding of the complex interactions of the variables, and predictions of future trends. The results of these analyses will be shared with civic, religious, university, industrial, and governmental organizations.

ERT's educational objectives are to inform people of the nature of the current crises and their potential consequences. ERT plans to give speeches, conduct classes, and hold conferences that inform and energize audiences to action. Our hope is that these activities will significantly increase general awareness of the meaning of these issues to members of the audiences, their children, and grandchildren. These insights will allow individuals and groups to make much better current and future choices in their daily lives. The combined effect of these improved choices will significantly decrease the future threats, while simultaneously improving quality of life.

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